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Backwashing the D.E. Filter is performed to clean the filter and old DE powder and to add new DE powder to protect the filter. This action need to be performed when the pressure in the filter rises 10 psi above its starting point. This usually places the pressure above 22 psi. You will notice that the pool is not flowing as normal, the pump not operating at full capacity, or by checking the pressure gauge on top of the filter.

      1. Shut the pump and pool off and roll out the backwash hose.

      2. Push the handle on the backwash valve down and turn to backwash slot.

      3. Turn the pump back on and run for about15 to 20 seconds.

      4. Turn the pump off again and turn the valve back to filter slot.

      5. Turn the pump back on.

      6. In most cases, this will be enough for the backwash. However, if the hourglass is still very dirty – you may need to repeat the backwash process again.

      7. Repeat the process up to 3 times or until you notice clean water running through clear sight glass.

      8. Once this process is complete, turn valve to filter and let the system run.

      9. When you have the system operating normally again, add 4 LBS of new DE powder directly into the skimmer. If you had to backwash the system twice, add 6 LBS of new DE powder.

      10. The pressure should drop to its normal psi. Normal is between 10-20.

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